Surf courses last on average 3 days or 5 days. The surf school adapts to demand and can offer longer courses. In addition, the longer the duration of the internship, the lower the price.

The surf courses take place at the Côte des Basques beach in Biarritz at low tide times for greater safety. In addition, by its configuration it is considered the best for teaching surfing.


First of all, it is important to know that children under 6 are not accepted for safety reasons unless you are in private lessons.

Children aged 6 to 9 should go to the Wave Garden. They'll learn the basics and stay on the foam.

Children aged 9 and over can take any of the courses on offer.

The best is the 5-day course, which covers all the basics of surfing. What's more, for a better group dynamic, it's advisable to start on Monday and finish on Friday!

What's more, this course will give you a diploma certifying your level.

However, if you have a time constraint, the 3-day course will give you the basics to stand on your own two feet.


If you're not sporty, we recommend you take the 3-day course. Overall, it will give you the basics you need to catch small waves.

If you're a sporty type, the 5-day course is perfect for you. On the whole, it gives you the basics of surfing.

If you are motivated, you may also be interested in intensive courses. These offer two lessons a day, corresponding to the first and last lessons. So you'll make faster progress!

The "free ride" package combines 5 lessons, leaving you free to use the equipment outside the lessons. As a result, it allows you to apply the instructor's advice in complete autonomy. You'll make progress because you'll have the opportunity to get to grips with the sea, understanding the currents, the swell....


Families whose aim is to be together can fit in with the schedule for the month in question. This must be so that you can be together.

However, if one of your objectives is to progress, we advise you to take another timetable to be in a suitable group and improve your level and performance.


If you would like a surfing lesson for seminars, groups or a hen party.... You can contact us for a personalised quote.