Terms and conditions

Art 1: Registration

All inscriptions for the Jo Moraiz surf school must be done through the inscription form, completed by parents or legal guardian if the student is a minor or by the interested person in the case of an adult. Parental authorization is mandatory for minors. A 30% deposit should be given for each inscription. The remainder must be paid the first day of class. Any cancellation 15 days before the given date and the deposit will be cashed. To sign up for our classes and/or workshops you must accept these general rules.

Art 2: Cancellation of our classes

In the event of bad weather (not enough waves, agitated ocean, pollution...) the classes will not be able to take place in the conditions previously mentioned and therefore in agreement with the students the classes will be:

  • rescheduled for an ulterior date
  • given as credit for a later date
  • refunded

Workshops that have already commenced and interrupted will not be refunded. Missed classes by the students will not be refunded.

Art 3: The School's Responsibility

The students are under the responsibility of the surf school and therefore under the responsibility of the monitors 15 minutes before the beginning of the class. They will be once again be under the responsibility of their parents or legal guardians 15 minutes following the end of the class in question. The Jo Moraiz surf school is not liable of its students outside of previously mentioned time periods. Before leaving their child at the surf school parents must check if the class will take place (in the event of bad weather…). It is ill-advised to leave valuable objects in the changing room (watches, money, cell phones...) The surf school is not responsible for lost or stolen items on the premises.

Art 4: Insurance:

All students enrolled in the surf school will systematically obtain a federal license, including Civil responsibility guaranties, Individual accident, assistance. Please do not hesitated to ask us if you need more information about that, we will give you the insurance copy contract from MAIF and the civil responsibility insurance from (Generali assurance). The practice license and contest license offer you an Insurance cover during the whole surfing practice. The School license offer you an Insurance cover only during surf courses.

Art 5: Jo Moraiz surf school's Guidelines

The Jo Moraiz surf school is committed to respect the Ecole Française de Surf charter in terms of welcome, teaching, organization and security. The necessary equipment (wetsuits, surfboards) will be given to the students during the classes.

Art 6: Student Guidelines

By signing up in the Jo Moraiz surf school, the minors and their parents must accept the risk related to surfing in the normal conditions to do so. The student must declare good health, be able to swim 25 meters and be physically apt to surf.

Art 7: Student Transport (in the case of transportation for offered classes)

The surf school is committed to handle the transportation of students in agreement with the following rules:

  • Drivers must be in possession of the necessary license
  • Respect of the number of people in one vehicle
  • A clean vehicle in good condition (obligatory revision etc.)

Art 8: Photographic Rights

By signing up for classes in the surf school you allow the school to use images and videos of you taken during your classes (for publicity documents,...) without financial compensation.