Quality charter

The clubs and certified schools of the French Surf Federation guarantee to uphold certain quality standards.


  • Site adapted to the publics needs: changing rooms, toilets, showers etc
  • Opening hours depending on public usage
  • Practical information easily accessible by all : prices, licenses...
  • Proof of federal license and insurance


  • Classes taught by certified monitors
  • Diplomas made visible in the school or in the club.


  • Consideration of different publics
  • Trying to assure same level groups
  • Location chosen in consideration of the students level and the weather or ocean conditions
  • Use of the progressive teaching methods offered by the “Ecole de Surf Française”
  • Surf and Bodyboard “Passports” provided
  • Individual help and demonstrations offered by the surf monitors
  • General understanding of ocean and the waves in order to attain a successfully autonomous surfing experience.
  • Sensibility to the protection of the environment


Teaching equipment

  • Equipment (wetsuits, leashes, boards,...) in good condition without and dangerous or sharp edges
  • Adapted equipment for every students level
  • Respect of hygienic standards for the isothermal material

Security guidelines

  • a maximum of 8 students per group
  • students must wear colored rashguards
  • rules of right of way in the water
  • in case of emergency first aid kit close at hand for the monitors
  • in the event of a thunder storm classes must be immediately suspended