It was during the shooting of the film "The sun rises too" that Dick Zanuck and Peter Viertel, two Californians, find themselves in Biarritz in 1956. Seeing the waves, he was delivered California boards to surf.

This is how the surf was born in Europe and that the beach of the Côte des Basques in Biarritz became the cradle of surfing in France. This is undoubtedly the cult beach of the Basque Country for surfing.

Its idyllic setting, beach break and surf culture have made it one of the most famous and well-known beaches for surfers in the region. She has also been voted "LA" most beautiful beach in France several times by major travel sites. This surf spot is very popular for longboarders because it provides pretty soft waves away from the winds of the north, its beach break is one of the most coveted Biarritz by novice surfers.

The spot is recommended for a swell ranging from 1 to 2 meters, at low tide until mid tide (3h before low tide until 3h after). Beware of the rising tide, do not get caught at high tide, at high tide the waves crash against the rocks, it can be quite complex to get out of the water. This beach has the particularity of being completely covered at high tide but also having the largest area at low tide.

The beach of the Côte des Basques offers especially a superb panorama on the Basque Coast and the mountains. In the distance, we can see the Rhune and the Three Crowns while the rollers are formed and the surfers have fun.