Surf courses are usually 3 days (minimum) or 5 days.

The surf school adapts to the demand and can offer courses of a longer duration. Surf courses take place at the Côte des Basques beach in Biarritz at low tide times for extra security.By its geographical location and configuration this beach is considered the best in the Basque country for teaching and surfing.

The surf courses come in various forms:There is the 3-day mini-course (1h30 / day) which is perfectly adapted to beginners. It allows you to acquire the basics and learn to master the transition from lying down to standing. Then we find the course of 5 days (1h30 / day) which is suitable for both beginners and experienced surfers.

For people who have never practiced, the surf course is very complete and provides all the basics necessary to be able to be autonomous in small conditions.For experienced surfers, the 5-day surf course allows you to improve your skills, to discover new sensations by surfing waves at their starting point (line up).It will strengthen and improve your skills.

For the most experienced, the 5-day course can be in intensive mode with two lessons of 1h30 per day. It requires, however, a good physical condition. There is also a so-called "free ride" formula that combines 5 days of lessons with the provision of equipment outside lessons to implement the instructions of teachers and train. These various forms of internship are suitable for all public, children, adolescents and adults and whatever their level.

The surf courses are supervised by qualified instructors holding the State Certificate or the BPJEPS surfing (professional patent youth popular education and sport). Their experience will save you valuable time. A diploma will be awarded at the end of your internship attesting to your level (bronze, silver or gold wave). It takes 115 € for a mini internship and 180 € for a 5-day internship.The intensive course is 340 €.The formula Free ride is 250 €.