When is the school opened?

Jo Moraiz surf school is open from March to November.

At which age can I learn to surf?

From 6 years old, depending on the kid water abilities.

Can I surf all day long?

No, surf must be practiced at low tides.

Do I need an insurance?

Jo Moraiz surf classes include this insurance.

How many people in a group?

One graduate instructor for every 8 persons.

I’m not a good swimmer, can I surf?

Yes. The instructor is always with, but you must be able to swim at least 25 meters.

When can I book ?

As soon as possible, especially during summer time (july/august).

I have never surfed, I’ m a beginner.

We have beginner and advanced courses.

What shall I bring with me?

A towel and a swim suit. All the equipement is provided by the school (board, wetsuit…).

Are they any special group fares?

Jo Moraiz surf school has special group fares ( incentives ; companies…).
For further informations, please contact us.